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We provide services for transport companies and help develop the management of small Polish companies.

What can we do for you?

At ASAP CONSULTING, we offer comprehensive support in the area of logistics and transport, including both specialized consulting and implementation of TMS systems, as well as optimization of logistics processes with the integration of IT solutions. Additionally, we provide professional services related to employment, training and development of staff so that your company can achieve maximum efficiency and success on the market.


Consulting and Implementation

We focus on providing professional advice and implementing advanced solutions in the field of logistics and transport management. We analyze clients business needs, advising on the selection of optimal logistics solutions and supporting the implementation of transport management systems (TMS). Our goal is to provide customers with tools that will increase their operational efficiency and competitiveness in the market.


We offer professional advice in the field of cooperation with a logistics operator and in the field of forwarding. Our services include comprehensive needs analysis and support in selecting optimal logistics solutions.


We specialize in the implementation of TMS transport management systems, ensuring their effective integration with existing business processes in the client's company. Entrusting us with the care of implementations is the perfect solution.


IT Optimization and Consulting

We offer services related to the optimization of logistics processes and transport costs as well as IT support. We focus on analyzing and improving existing procedures in order to increase efficiency and reduce expenses. We offer advice in the selection of IT systems, analysis of business requirements and data security issues. Our support translates into better efficiency and security of your business operations.


Our team will help you optimize your transportation costs and logistics processes, ensuring greater efficiency and reducing unnecessary expenses.

IT consulting

We provide IT consulting, including requirements analysis and selection of an appropriate IT system, as well as issues related to IT security.


Training and Staff Development

We support companies in the field of human resources management, especially in the area of logistics and transport. It covers a wide range of services, from the recruitment of specialist employees, through the organization of professional training, to the development of managerial staff competences. Our activities in this category aim to ensure that the client's team is highly skilled, integrated and ready to work effectively.


We offer services related to the employment and training of forwarders and management staff, including their integration into the structures of the client's company.


We help in improving the professional qualifications of employees by providing training tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the industry.

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