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Your Path to Success in Road Transport. Cooperation Offer for Independent Forwarders in the Road Transport Industry with their own customer base.

ASAP CONSULTING - Your Path to Success in Road Transport. Cooperation Offer for Independent Forwarders in the Road Transport Industry with their own customer base.

As a consulting company, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing independent freight forwarders. Our platform is designed to support your business, increase efficiency and help you grow your customer network. We invite you to cooperate, which will open new paths to development and profits.


Tools and Resources

We provide advanced digital tools and access to an extensive network of carriers to maximize efficiency and increase business opportunities for our clients in the transportation industry.

Advanced Digital Platform

Our intuitive platform, tailored to the needs of road transport, enables you to effectively manage freight, sales and customer communication, making every aspect of your business more efficient and effective

Access to an extensive network of carriers

Take advantage of our extensive network of vetted carriers to increase your order volume, maximize your revenue, and ensure safe execution for your customers, expanding your business opportunities.


Support and Development

Our operational and technical support services are crucial for the smooth functioning of the transport industry. We offer help in solving road problems and technical support related to the use of our platform. In addition, we provide access to industry training and educational materials that enable our employees and partners to pursue continuous professional development. We also provide legal and back-office support, which allows us to effectively acquire and retain new clients.

Technical assistance

We offer comprehensive operational support, including assistance in resolving traffic issues, as well as technical support on the use of our platform.

Training and Development

Regular industry training and access to educational materials will enable you to develop skills and knowledge, which will contribute to increasing your effectiveness and success in the industry.


Conditions and Safety

We focus on offering our new employees, who join us with their own contact/customer database, transparent and flexible commission terms. We understand the importance of protection against unfair competition and value anonymity, which is why our systems are designed to protect the interests of our employees. Our goal is to build strong, long-term relationships based on trust, safety and mutual respect. We strive to provide our employees with stability and support in the dynamic world of transport and logistics, enabling them to effectively leverage their networks for mutual benefit.


Flexible Financial and Commission Terms

We provide a competitive commission system that is tailored to individual performance and activity on our platform, allowing you to obtain optimal financial benefits.

Anonymity and Protection against Unfair Competition

We guarantee full anonymity and protection against unfair competition, without interfering in relationships with your customers, which allows you to build trust and maintain stable business relationships

Terms of Cooperation

1. Registration Process

Starting cooperation with us is simple and transparent. It requires filling out a detailed registration form and presenting the necessary documentation, which allows us to understand your needs and expectations. This step is crucial for us to tailor our services to your individual requirements and ensure a smooth start to our cooperation.

2. Adherence to Standards and Regulations

As our partner, you commit to adhering to high industry standards and the regulations of our platform. This includes safety rules, professional ethics, and the terms and conditions (T&C) of our company. Adhering to these principles is essential for ensuring the quality of services and building trust between all cooperation parties.

3. Commission System

Our commission system is designed to reward your efforts and successes. Commission is calculated for each completed order, with the possibility of negotiating commission rates depending on your experience and previous cooperation history. We want our commission system to reflect your commitment and success, motivating further development.

4. Long-term Commitments

Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit uns gehen Sie langfristige Verpflichtungen ein, was die regelmäßige Nutzung unserer Plattform einschließt. Wir glauben, dass langfristige Zusammenarbeit der Schlüssel zum gegenseitigen Erfolg ist und ein besseres Verständnis Ihrer Bedürfnisse sowie eine effektivere Reaktion darauf ermöglicht.

5. Trial Period

We provide a three-month trial period, which allows both parties to assess how the cooperation affects mutual business goals. After this period, we evaluate the cooperation and, if necessary, adjust the terms to better meet your needs and the requirements of our company.

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